Sunday, May 28, 2017

Feng Shui and Home

I am always learning about Feng Shui and what elements about the home might bring some good luck and fortune. My Feng Shui master aka sister gifted us this clock. As you can see, it has 8 sides as 8 is often attributed to good luck. 

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Other things I am into are also colors that bring us good luck. Since I am a KUA 1, mint green is the color of wealth for me. I always have some sort of green on me. However, there was one time when a necklace and a bracelet both broke on me the same week. I had been wearing them daily for 2 years!!!! Luckily my Feng Shui master found a replacement with this gemstone pictured.

Just another day to eat out

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Wishing you all much luck with all your Feng Shui practice!