Sunday, May 28, 2017

Adopting a dog from a shelter

We are into month number three as dog owners. I had a major fear of dogs before adopting one. But I can tell you that dogs that are over 2 years old have worked out for us! We know because we tried adopting an 8 month old and sadly it didn't work out for us. Luckily that shelter gave you up to 72 hours to return it. The two dogs we have are 2.5 years old and close to 10 years old. They are a Maltipoo (weighing 13 pounds) and a Toy Poodle (weighing 5 pounds). The Toy Poodle is our newest one and the older one. Although we don't know their full history, Sophy, the Maltipoo knew basic commands. She does protect us and if you are a new person, she has to know you are not an enemy. If you ever see her, be sure to let her sniff you and then show her some lovin'. Emma the Toy Poodle is really sweet and gentle, she adjusts to new people very well and does not have a protective nature like Sophy (meaning she doesn't bark at strangers or new dogs).

Lovin this bed ! X Emma the Toy Poodle

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Wagging tail

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