Monday, August 01, 2016

Printing Photos For Free and Saving Those Digital Images

I take a lot of photos, but since having two kids, I don't always print them. Thanks to Walgreens on the free 8 x 10! I was very happy with the results!!!!

There is nothing like #free thanks #Walgreens for this free 8x10 photo from #Barcelona #Spain years back !!!

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This photo was taken over 8 years ago. I just now printed it!!! The trip was took was in Barcelona, Spain and it definitely had great picture moments. I was just learning how to use a DSLR! I still have many images to put in an album. Thankfully, they are all in a TERADRIVE. Hubby and I each have a TERADRIVE -if that helps any of you out there! Here's to looking for more photo printing deals!