Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Game Review From a Teacher Mom: Triominos

We just played Triominos again at home. I did manage to get 8 year old to participate by having him be little brother's partner and then later on as the checker. From my previous post, we are currently working on being ok with not being the winner. We do the simplified way of playing, the first to get rid of all the pieces. I think this works great in the classroom if you are a teacher, like me. I would do this simplified way for Kinder to first grade. We pick the first person to go if they have the triangle with the largest numbers/sum. As you get to second grade, I would move on to scoring a modified way where they add the numbers on their triangle if it is a match. The winner could be the first person to get to a certain score (maybe 100 or 200). Happy playing!

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