Friday, August 05, 2016

Autism Journey: Expressive and Receptive Speech

I realize I haven't blogged about some of our success in the autism journey. Our son started speech therapy at 3.5 (2011) years old. We began with articulation through Texas Children's. We did that for about a year because articulation wise he had achieved his goals. Then we switched speech therapists and started working with Tiny Speech in the Rice Village area of Houston,Texas. We continued there until January of 2016. At this point he was very reluctant to go to speech. He had expressed wanting to stop it once he turned 7. He made that statement at the age of 5. We gave him a break and he did get a progress evaluation for speech in spring of 2016. We were excited that his expressive and receptive scores were within the normal range! We changed delivery of speech therapy to his elementary school of attendance in a group setting. He actually enjoys it. The speech therapist made a point that this would be good for him so that he can have those conversations with peers and work on those social communication aspects (pragmatics). We are excited to see more of his progress. So in case you are at the start of this journey. It did take us 4.5 years to finally fall within that normal range. Again, we still have more to do in terms of social communication. We do have a very chatty boy with us who continues to ask questions after questions. I plan to do lots of recordings of him where he discusses a topic of his choice to curb that incessant questioning. Hopefully I can put it up on youtube. You can hover to the right to subscribe!