Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Autism Journey: 8 year old

Today was a tough early evening. It was a bit of a change in routine since I am wrapping up the summer schedule and had to go for a full day of training. We did prep our 8 year old but after I arrived, he definitely had a meltdown. It was the kind of meltdown where everyone in the house melts DOWN. DH and I had to think about the WHAT NEXT? Maybe more on that later as we process more on our needs.

We did manage to calm everyone down, including ourselves. Hubby and I each told our son 7 positive things about him. I must say thank goodness for all the teacher training. Those training sessions really are useful. I figured the next best thing was to meditate and pray at church. My sons enjoy lighting candles there. So everyone got their coins for donation. We all prayed and 8 year old did really well. As soon as everyone lit their candles our 5 year old really wanted ice cream. Again to cool all our heads off, I thought the idea was brilliant.

The sugar rush did wonders for everyone's spirit and all was well again. We decided to walk the shopping strip, again to get that excess energy out and to remember all that walking from our New York trip. We stopped by a couple of stores in the shopping strip and the stroll was nice as we just talked.

After getting home the boys bathed and continued to be in good spirits. We decided to play a family game before their bedtime. Here is our new challenge: the need to win and inability to handle loss. As we navigate through that I will share what works and what doesn't. Maybe tomorrow we can play Trionimos again!

#triominos was the game the lesson was being ok at not winning since mommy won this one

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