Saturday, July 30, 2016

Picture Frames in a Digital World

Yesterday, the boys and I were on a hunt for picture frames. In this digital world, framing photos is a big deal in my world! We did walk up and down our local shopping strip. Our first stop was Home Goods and we did find very nice ones. But we decided to get some exercise and to see if we could find more bargains. After browsing three other stores and dying of heat in our Texas summer, we walked back to Home Goods to purchase the 4 frames we wanted.

Dave looked at this pic and said goodbye prek ... He loved #littlefisherspreschool

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They picked their own frames and I must say they have good taste in frames #portraits #photos #nikon

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The boys picked out their own frames. They have good taste and their frames were a bit over than what I had planned for. But they did pick them so I had to get them. I am into the silver frames at the moment. If you are in need of teacher gift ideas, I suggest pictures frames! This teacher will certainly appreciate them!
The photos were ordered at WalMart. I do get pretty good results from the home delivered ones!

On the #todolist #framing these #photos by @jonesten77

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