Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Summer Road Trip : Houston to NYC

This summer we are planning a LONG road trip with the boys. We are headed to NYC!!! We are definitely stopping at various points. The first stop will be Chattanooga, Tennessee. I have been following this blog on ideas:

Our second stop will be Washington, D.C. It's a good time for our soon to be 3rd grader to finally see in real life all the national symbols he has been learning about since Kinder.

Our main stop is New York City!!! Both boys have never been. Hubby has lots of cousins there, so the boys will be meeting their 2nd cousins or 3rd cousins, etc. Lol!! I will probably be booking through for sightseeing with the boys.

On the way back, I plan to hit Myrtle Beach, and of course our annual Destin to end our road trip!
Here is an old post (sorry for the missing pictures) about our first ever Destin Trip

Here is a pic of our family trip to Destin last year