Thursday, March 17, 2016

Thank Goodness For Grandmas! Angry Birds Happy Holidays and The Mine Lego Minecraft | Lolas and Apos

My 7 year old has been dying for the Angry Birds Happy Holidays know the one that he was hoping for under the tree Christmas time..LOL. Daniel and his Lola love browsing through Amazon. Grandma loves shopping and well Daniel does, too. He loves it even more when he receives that PARCEL. He watches too many European based cartoons thanks to YouTube. Here he is with his package from yesterday.


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Now-I do not know how much he and his grandma spent on this but he assured me it was SIXTY. Way too much for me. So thank you for grandmas!!! They bought it on Amazon and as I was looking at it..I didn't find anything for SIXTY for this product.

Now hubby and I are more than grateful that our sons have TWO grandmas who are still living. Hubby's mom loves shopping too! When the kids visit, they head off to Toys R Us. Over the holidays, 7 year old also got one of his other loves : THE MINE LEGO MINECRAFT He spent the days after Christmas building this

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Here it is on Amazon

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