Thursday, March 17, 2016

Games, Toys, and Autism

My son with autism has loved the following games: basketball, bowling, Angry Birds and their sling shot games as well as Jenga blocks associated with them, Lego Minecraft and Lego Star Wars. He also had a fascination with balloons, and Minion characters.

When he was about 2 years old he loved Curious George everything! He had a stuffed Curious George and it was what he brought during those tough times of preschool

At the age of 3 his fascination was balloons.

See the full details of the party.

By age 4 we wanted him to get into more sports and music. He loved drums. We did over a year of that! He is currently taking piano lessons as a 9 year old, but we may bring drums back. At the age of 4/5 he also started Tae Kwon Do. Wow that was hard!!!! However, find a place and ask your local Autism Facebook groups for recommendations!! He earned a yellow belt then we stopped it.

He is focusing on tennis now and has been doing this for quite some time thankful for a wonderful coach!!!! As a 9 year old now, he continues to love all things related to Disney Cars and the idea of animation. So that is definitely in the future as far as camps. However, have you seen the prices of these camps? They are all about one thousand each for a week!!! If you know of any at half the price for a weeks worth let me know! I will definitely continue to edit this post!