Saturday, January 02, 2016

A Story About the Power of Prayer

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At the nail salon I listened to a woman's story about the power of prayer in her life. The woman whom I was lucky enough to talk to taught me that everything she prays for gets answered. She is a single mother and has been since her son turned 4. Her son is now a freshman in high school. She's prayed for health in order to care for her son and has never gotten sick. She doesn't get paid time off and spends two weeks a year to go visit family in California. She has been blessed with two brothers. After her abusive marriage ended when her son was 4, one of her brothers gave her money to put down for a house of her own. Her other brother has helped her every month and pitched in half of her mortgage. In April 2015 she managed to pay off her house with the help of her brothers. When I asked her if her brothers wanted her to pay them back she said no. Some families really and truly help each other out. She believes in helping others and the resulting positive natural flow of karma. She believes that when she helps others freely the positive karma will flow to her son. Her brothers have helped other members of their family. She prays twice a day and lights incense when she prays. Before going to work she prays, and before going to sleep she prays. She also believes her grandmother is a guiding spirit in her life and when times are tough, she hears the voice of her grandmother guide her. Thanks to her for affirming to me the power of prayers.