Saturday, December 26, 2015

Hello Blog 2015 is almost over!

One year of not posting! Hope your holidays went well! I'm actively posting on pinterest, twitter and instagram. Daniel is in 2nd grade and David is in Pre-K. They are "big" now since this blog was first started. They are active boys who enjoy parties that I throw for them. David loves being in hotels and Daniel is my homebody. During Thanksgiving we took a big family trip to Florida where the boys spent time in Disneyworld (their 2nd time) and their first time in Lego Land.

Just trying out wear a helmet #dareway

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This was one of their gifts from Santa. It's called a Dareway. I am hoping when I go to the park I won't hear complaints that it is a far walk.

#hohoho #Christmaseve #Christmaseve2015 #usa

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Here they are and they look like they are ready to drive already. They are best friends and worst enemies. Daniel wants his alone time at times and David always wants a buddy to play with. He should be happier in the next school year with over 100 students his age.

#Christmaseve2015 @ama.ccc

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Here are their newest cousins. Daniel loves them a lot. David is always afraid they are taking his toys.

My elf organizing the gifts

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Here is a picture of Daniel who loves arranging things his own way. He loves Christmas and loves seeing the presents under the tree or trees.

Soaking in as much sun in #orlando before freezing #Houston weather

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As long as there is a water slide, they are happy. This photo was taken in Orlando at Bonnet Creek Hilton.

#legoland #florida

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Here they are in Lego Land. David loved all the roller coasters. We discovered Daniel's love of maps and how he doesn't want his maps folded. Related to travel we made it to Destin, FL and it's our 4th summer there. It's too hard to not go to that destination because the water is just too beautiful. I have too many photos on Instagram so I will let you scroll there. Daniel is taking lessons in tennis and piano. David still refuses lessons though he is showing talents in art. Here they are in action with their activities.

#tennis day

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Nighttime clouds 5 years old #art

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Glad I discovered the blog world again. Hopefully I'll see you sooner rather than later. Until then I will see you in 2016.

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