Friday, January 04, 2013

Roadtrip: Houston Dallas Santa Fe Taos

I really wanted to have my two year old experience snow! His older brother had already been to the Grand Canyon and Vail/Beaver Creek  by the time he was 2 1 /2. From Houston, we drove to Dallas/Grapevine area and spent the night there. The boys got to see  ice sculptures at the Gaylord Hotel. The sculptures were so well created there was even a slide they could play on.

The next day we made the LONG but EASY drive to Santa Fe. When I make my stops, I make sure we stop at Target. They sell popcorn, Starbucks, and the boys can go around to the toy aisles. Our first Target stop was at Wichita Falls. After that, we headed to Amarillo and stopped at Westgate mall to eat. Then we made the last leg of our trip straight to Santa Fe.

We wanted to go snowshoeing and snow tubing/sledding  with the boys. The day after our arrival we drove on to Taos Ski Valley. Sadly, not one place had snowshoes for little ones. In Vail, this was not a problem. Daniel enjoyed walking in the snow and snow tubing. But David was a bit overwhelmed with the snow and the cold. 

 So David and I just watched and took videos of big brother snow tubing.  

For snowshoeing we finally found some kids sizes to rent in Santa Fe itself. We drove to Hyde Memorial park to play in the snow some more. Little David was still not interested in snow. He stayed for the most part in the car enjoying his cartoons on the IPAD. 

We did manage to have David step on snow when we toured around Santa Fe. 

Here are some images of Santa Fe

On our return back to Houston, we spent another night in Dallas. The day after we entertained the boys at Lego Land Discovery Center 

Thanks to Priceline for the discounted hotels. Our car rental was a Tiguan. We gassed up once at Amarillo with Dallas as our starting point. I hope David has more fun the next time we have a winter getaway. Maybe he will enjoy the beach more!