Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Vail/Beaver Creek, Colorado December 2010

We went on a winter trip to Vail/Beaver Creek area. David stayed home with Lola and Lolo since he was too young. Next year, he will join us on some winter adventure! We did have our own tour planner, my sister! I was so glad since I didn't have to think about our itinerary.

Our first adventure was going on a snowmobile ride. Daniel did not enjoy putting on his helmet but he did enjoy the ride!

After our snowmobile ride, we decided to tour the White River National Forest. Here you will see our ride up 12, 500 feet to see Colorado Rockies. It was during this time that I experienced altitude sickness.

Strolling through Vail Village

We did some snowshoeing and my sister/bil did some cross country skiing.

We also went on a sleigh ride. I don't have pictures because it was at night. We went to the Cordillera area for that excursion.

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mlim said...

Beautiful sceneries! I bet Danny love the weather. Nice pictures you guys!