Tuesday, December 14, 2010


February I found out I was pregnant with David.
March ..another emotionally fueled month with Daniel getting very sick he had to be hospitalized. We confirmed pregnancy. I spent my birthday at the hospital with Daniel. We were very happy he was out of the hospital at the end of the week.
April: Daniel celebrated his 2nd birthday. His birthday fell on Easter weekend. Dad celebrated his 67th birthday.
May: My mom and sister both finished their degrees. Mom finished her doctorate. She also celebrated her 55th birthday. My sister finished her LLM in tax and health law.
June: Andell celebrated his 33rd birthday.
July: We took a family trip to Fort Lauderdale/Miami. I was a TA at the University of Houston for a Children's Assessment class.
August: My sister celebrated her 32nd birthday.
September: Nothing eventful here....oh how could I forget!!!?? Daniel began going to school 2x a week.
October: David was born on October 19.
November: Home for maternity leave and just spending time with my boys. I attended a photography workshop in San Antonio with my sister. It was a workshop by Me Ra Koh. I had been wanting to attend for over 2 years but babies got in the way. Janelle introduced me to her.
December: We took a winter trip with Daniel and my sister/bil to Vail/Beaver Creek, Colorado.

Cannot wait for 2011!!!!

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