Sunday, January 04, 2009

Happy 9 months!!!!!

wow did 9 months really just fly by?
here is a recap of daniel's 8 month milestones
*6 teeth total (top side incisors came out)
*words:continues to say mama, dada, tata, wowo, nana
*holds hands out to hold bottle versus having it placed in his hands
*understands open mouth
*understands big boy....he will raise hands up high and act like he is showing some muscles
*tries to imitate the tune to songs
*sits up longer
*mastered being on hands and knees
*beginning to be disruptive at public places by shouting out dada when excited
*infant shoe size 5 at the end of the 8th month
*comfortable in 12-18 month clothing
*three meals a day

9 months photos soon

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