Friday, July 04, 2008

Daniel Week 12

since week 1
I have been able to lift my head and sleep with my hands held
since week 2
I could flip to one side
since week 3
I could track objects
since week 4
I could hold my weight on my legs if mommy or daddy supported me
since week 5
I have been mastering the above things
since week 6-7
I blow bubbles at mommy and smile when she takes pictures of me
since week 8
I can sleep for 5 to 6 hours at night but bedtime is 7 pm i can also
drink 4 ounces now. Mommy keeps reading to me. She's trying to
teach me colors.
week 9
I "talk" to mommy and really smile at her
week 10
I can now sleep at 6 hour stretches but bedtime now is 10 pm till 4 am
I can drink 4.5 ounces. Sometimes I say "mi" when I want milk. Sometimes mommy thinks I am calling her. I also turn my head to look for mommy or daddy. When mommy and daddy put me down on my glider I can fall asleep on my own. During the day I sleep for three hour stretches. Mommy and daddy need to put a bib on me so I don't drool on myself. This week I was baptized.
week 11
I like to start humming to music. I can say "Da" for Daddy. I am beginning to move around in my crib. Mommy and Daddy will put me down to sleep and when they check up on me I am in a different position. I can sleep for 7 hours at night.
week 12
I found my foot!

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So freaking cute!