Sunday, February 10, 2008

Things to do

this is taken from
Weeks 28-32□ Babyproof houseStart fetal kick countsPrepare birth plan□ Baby shower□ Send thank-you notes for gifts (start one week after shower)□ Cook and freeze meals for after delivery□ Start childbirth classDoctor visits (two this month)□ Milestone: Others feel baby move?

Weeks 32-36□ Buy any baby items still neededPrepare all baby first aid and emergency itemsPrint and fill out emergency sheets□ Get a low-maintenance haircut□ Finish painting nursery□ Get car seat inspected□ Pack hospital bagContact local cord blood bank if interested in donating□ Find out what screening tests your hospital routinely gives newborns□ Speak with doctor about any additional tests you'd like run□ Doctor visits (two this month)Group B strep test (week 35-37)□ Milestone: Last day of work□ Milestone: Last week to fly safely (week 35)Weeks 36-delivery□ Doctor visits (weekly until delivery) □ Non-stress testBiophysical profile

It's nice to know Im not SOOOOOOOO behind

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