Monday, December 31, 2007

Pregnancy Update Week 24

week 5: stretching pains, first doc appt
week 6: free from prego symptoms
week 7: start of nausea
week 8: nausea continues, heartbeat heard
week 9: nausea continues
week 10: nausea continues
week 11: nausea continues
week 12 : nausea continues
week 13: nausea and insomnia, wearing one size up
week 14: nausea and insomnia
week 15: being told that im showing.hahhaha
week 16: hmmm nothing too significant
week 17: nothing sigfic
week 18: found out we are having a boy! felt baby move
week 19: took a trip to Canada decided on Daniel as the name, week of thanksgiving
week 20: nothing sigfic
week 21: maternity portraits with Dh in the picture, had to really pose to pop out
the belly, doc appt weight gain 10 pounds
week 22: nothing sig
week 23: starting to feel baby move everyday, xmas time, first signs of stretch
marks on xmas day
week 24: doc appt weight gain of 14 pounds (jan 2 last day of 24th week)

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nell said...

my week 38: back pain, waddling, frequent trips to bathroom (every 10 minutes!), high blood pressure, feet swelling, pelvic pressure/pain, baby kicking the ribs

it's almost time! we thought she was coming on christmas day. i was having very strong/close contractions but then they stopped :(

take care and we'll let you know when ava arrives. i'm not going back to work.