Friday, September 28, 2007

3 am

what do you do when you are awakened at 3 am from nausea? usually ill wake dh up to get me this or that to try to relieve this feeling. however he was already awake trying to make himself better from the cold i gave him. i tried some crackers and flat soda...of course that doesn't help..because i can't stand plain crackers and flat soda..i roam the web and search everything about pregnancy to kill time and to find useful information while im wide awake at 3 something in the am....for some reason i end up on sites that talk about the placenta...and how in some parts of the world....the placenta is eaten...which makes me want to barf!!!! just make me gag!!!i can't believe i am reading about that!!!!!

i try to lie down...and lying down makes it worse....i have to position myself so that i am leaning against the headboard....i can't exactly fall asleep sitting! trust me i have tried.....after almost an hour of roaming the web going to babyrazzi or perezhilton i finally realize i have mint chocolate ice cream....which for sure helps with my nausea.....

all i can say is thank god it's friday and thank god i have the day off today!!!!!

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nell said...

cookies and cream ice cream, french fries, and watermelon are the only things that i ate in june and july.

nausea stinks! i sure don't miss it. i think by week 14 or 15 i was 110% better.