Friday, August 10, 2007


well it was a busy friday! i had to go to campus to test some kiddos either for promotion or retention. after that i decided to organize my new classroom. my partner and i have been busy looking through all her things! haha. she told me i would inherit it all if i stuck it out with her till she retired. wow she has a guzillion things that i would be happy to inherit!

her knee has been bad and she doesn't think that she can do the marathon this january. i told her we could just sign up for the walk but she didn't think that would be fun. SOooooooooooo we MIGHT do the HALF marathon. she's bummed! im kind of bummed that I haven't fully trained the way I wanted too but the half marathon or the full marathon walk might be a good start for this january. stay tuned to see what i decide!

so after campus met up with my sister and i had lees iced coffee. we then headed to our parents for some bbq without the hubbies. afterwards we met up with janelle and todd of

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