Thursday, August 09, 2007

tgif tomorrow

my day job has kept me busy this week! tonight Andell and i finally made it to a tmobile. well the mall t mobile location took forever. but i have my bberry replacement. this is what ill be buying for it too ..some navigation i need it not's just a want....hey i have to get to my photography gigs efficiently...har har.....since i was getting impatient with the two customers who were ahead of us Andell decided to wait it out for me while i walked to the apple store. now my sister and i have been wondering how we can hear the television screens at the gym since we didn't find any headphone jacks on any of the machines.....well we find out we needed some fm radio adapter for the ipod. we wondered what all those antennae were as we looked up at the ceiling while on the elliptical.....the workout has taken a toll since getting back into the swing of things with my day job. but hopefully this will spark that motivation again..haha

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