Saturday, June 30, 2007

Friday night

Wow last night fellow photographers/friends Janelle and Tennille and I experimented with shots in the evening. We came up with KEWL shots! This was Janelle's idea and a great one! Tennille's family came to be our models. A family very natural in front of the camera! As you will see soon. (I am still recovering from our very late night experimenting)

Somewhere along the planning process the three of us decided to take photos of each other with our wedding gowns on. We managed to squeeze into them for the cameras! Hahaha.

J and T had their work cut out for them when I had to model for them. I am not a ham! But they were great...I think I offered them new ways to handle a difficult client....ahhaa...

J and T are one of those natural actresses in front of the was so easy to take their photos! You will see their personalities in the photos on my next blog posting (J and her veil and T on her Infiniti).

J taught us loads of tricks!!!!! She is so great at reading directions in those photos books!!!! Hubby was there to help us with our technical difficulties! He did a great job updating softwares and helping set up the flashes for commander mode.

Thanks chicas for a fabu evening!


janelle lynn photography said...

I'm so glad to read I'm not the only one still recovering. I woke up this morning around 8am, took a shower, put my PJs back on and fell back asleep until 3pm. :-P I had sooooo much fun and we need to do it again!

nell said...

i'm glad you had fun! just think i was puking away while you were dancing around in your wedding gown! haha.