Sunday, March 11, 2007

My Shooting Buds!

Janelle during a Saturday shoot posing! (She's a ham!) She introduced me to this favorite photo opp spot. We shot a bismillah together. What's a bismillah? You'll have to ask one of us to find the answer. Or look at her blog and look at my photo blog and see if you can find similar work.

Tenille during her 30th bday!

What we own: We are Nikon gals.
I met Janelle when I sold her my wedding things. Turns out she was the cousin of a former classmate! Hahah!

Tenille and I met when we were working on our teaching certifications. Gosh that was 5 years ago!!!! Now shes teaching me all she knows about photography!

2007: We are all finally 30!

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