Monday, March 26, 2007

30th Birthday!

What a way to celebrate being 30. It all started Friday at work. The previous day a coworker had gathered all my kiddos in the morning before the bell rang and vowed them to secrecy. The plan was to have them all wear yellow since it's my favorite color. Friday morning I walk into the hallway to see a sea of yellow. They managed to keep it from me all day long Thursday!!!! Haha. I got some great gifts from my kiddos!! How sweet!!!! Starbucks card, yellow lotions from Victoria's Secret, Godiva name a few. Then during lunch....two of the teachers managed to tell them all to sing happy birthday...can you imagine having over 100 first graders singing all at once?! It was a sweet sound! I wish I had a video cam to capture it! The cutest questions were my kiddos asking for an invite to my party!!!!

Then Saturday....I have to say it was like a wedding. My sister completely went above and beyond. Just look at the photos. All in all, it was more than I imagined!!! Hubby went above and beyond with the gifts! I def felt like a kid on xmas morning!