Friday, January 12, 2007

So who made an impact on you?

For me:
3rd grade teacher Miss Cotton-without her at that point in my life I would have never found my own voice......I was as quiet as a mouse embarassed by my English skills. Then she came along and voila suddenly the embarassment disappeared and I LOVED school most of all I found my voice in that third grade classroom.

Sister-basically she thinks it and it happens, the motivator, she gives that extra push to show me the best that I can do.

Parents-my parents certainly serve as guides.......and are always a good source for advice. They are what parents should be.

Andell-lets me be my own every way....and that is how I knew he was the one.

My friends all impact me one way or another. They all have characteristics I admire and aspire to develop. I admire the friend who is grounded and whose decisions are steadfast. I admire the friend who can politely disagree when dealing with people. I admire the friend who doesn't have to prove her intelligence. I admire the friends who have shown me what motivation can do. I admire the friends who can reward themselves! These friends have impacted me most.