Saturday, July 07, 2018

Painful Feet

3 years ago, I would develop very painful feet after work. I had to wear Dansko shoes

They reduced the pain tremendously!!!!
I love their products and enjoy wearing the ankle boots. I need to get a new pair because I have worn mine out!

During that year, I also had a hysterectomy. Whatever the connection, it was only after this procedure did my feet stop hurting! The bad thing about me is that I love wearing flat shoes to work. I don't feel the severe pain I did prior to the hysterectomy, but I do get tired feet.

I just got this product and love the hot therapy for tired feet.

They also have great compression socks for travel. At over 40, I am definitely feeling the effects of being in the same position for long hours during travels. My parents are also doing a lot of travelling, and I might be giving these to them.

Friday, July 06, 2018

Autism and Legos

My son and his interest with Legos began when he was in first grade. He took a break from it around third grade and fourth grade. This summer (going into 5th) he is back to building them. It really does serve as a period of full concentration and his quiet time. He can still spend ours building the sets. Here are some current photos and links.

LEGOs assault on hoth

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The types of books he loves are also very related to learning facts.

Buy them here....

Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Clothing With Sun Protection

I was watching Good Morning America this morning. That was rare since I never watch TV. But I was glad I did. I learned all about clothing with sun protection! I should have learned about them years ago when I was starting out my teaching career with recess duty. Now that it is summer, I am sure you could use some of these when you are out and about with family at theme parks, water parks, or just outdoors having fun. Here are some finds from Amazon.

This is 18.99 at most

This one you could possibly wear to work. Great for teachers who would have recess duty.

Swim leggings are definitely new to me!

Have fun with your outdoor activities!!