Sunday, June 17, 2018

Feng Shui and Luck

I am a novice feng shui practitioner. However, I will tell you that my lucky number is definitely to be in an 8 house. This is a home where all the numbers add up to a single digit of 8. I sailed through school in an 8 house growing up. I also completed my master's degree in an 8 house very EASILY! I am a believer in the use of candles and incense when clear focus is needed during times of prayers. It helps with my tunnel vision. It doesn't hurt for me to make sure I have the color blue and green. I will carry a blue purse and bag. When it comes to my front door, I make sure the doormat doesn't have family initials. Here are some photos of things to help give you more luck!

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Friday, June 15, 2018

Joining Little League Baseball

We are fairly new to the world of baseball. Our son started at the age of 9 and naturally we new nothing about it!! The cost to join is a little over 200. You will then have to get all the outfits. I decided to compile some things here for you.
Batting gloves

Athletic socks

Water jug


The rest of the items can be found by clicking this link Baseball gear you will need for your child!
Our youngest decided to follow big brother in the world of baseball!

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His bag is by Athletico
This was son at the end of his first season

His first time in #baseball and they are #champions

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Monday, March 19, 2018


The last thing we did for spring break was to look for Bluebonnets! We found them in Sugar Land. I will tell you that there were two families when we arrived. I laugh because oh my goodness they were super frustrated taking photos of their kids. A mom was solo with her two children and she was bribing them to go the store. Another couple had preschoolers, and they were asking their children, "How hard is it to look at the camera?" Followed with, "I just don't understand how hard this is!" I know you have been there! My boys were the same. One complained about the bugs. My oldest had the following to say....

Four years of private speech therapy and we are quite opinionated 😂

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However, we did snap some pictures. Sophy, our maltipoo was a great model!

#houston #bluebonnets are here #sugarland

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@ama.ccc #bluebonnets in #sugarland

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#bluebonnets #texas #sugarland

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Now, I did actually get a photo of older son, however, I am sharing this one lol!

Daniel was here ! #bluebonnets in #sugarland

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