Saturday, August 18, 2018

Karma and Feng Shui + LOA

I love summers because it gets me to think about life in general. A couple of months ago I checked out a book, it seemed like a textbook, on Karma. Something like this

I am also a big reader about Law of Attraction. Over 20 years ago, I didn't realize that's what I was reading about when I picked up a Wayne Dyer book.

That was the first book I had read by him and I was hooked. I then read this

In between I read books by Paul Coelho

Long story short, it was hard to put it all together. The ideas of Karma, LOA, Feng Shui, etc. But to tie it all with the first words ever spoken by my Psychology 301 professor at U of Texas: What you think you will become. Life happens and we get all these different intuitions and fears. Some of our intuitions create this path of ease where working doesn't seem like work because you know you were destined for that path. Then we get these fears that paralyze us. I think fears are part of that intuition process and this is where I think LOA and Feng Shui are the tools. It's those fear/intuition that we can change our destiny. I only really had this aha moment when someone did a BAZI reading on me. I heard about it after delving into Feng Shui. When my results were analyzed, I realized I could have avoided something had I known that pre-destined information about myself.
Happy reading and learning about Feng Shui!

What you should donate for your child's teacher !!!

What You Should Donate To Your Child's Class by ailynneandandell

It's the new year, I encourage you to donate items to your child's classroom that way teachers can just focus on making the classroom run smoothly. If your child has a brand new teacher, they have already spent lots of $$$ on decor alone. All those border, charts, etc add up!!!! Have you also looked at the cost of anything they use to organize and shelves to put the books. Oh yes those books! Do you honestly think that teachers didn't spend their own money on some of them? What about the labels they used to organize all the genres. Yup teachers bought them. Trust me the office did not provide them. So what do you need to do if your child is in school regardless if they are in private, TITLE I or affluent school? Donate items that make the class run smoothly. I have worked in a private school where the students didn't need anything personally. But for sure the classrooms didn't have as many resources that are just for teachers to use on students. This is a misconception that many have! Maybe you think a TITLE I school has nothing. But they will probably have THE MOST paper resources more than any of these categories of school. Now will they need more? Yes! If you are in an affluent public school, the one thing your teachers will need is paper!!!!! Yes we are moving in a digital world, but paper is still VERY MUCH a supply needed to show learning through writing or drawings. Districts who are doing away with it do so because paper is expensive. So one of the the things you can donate that costs less than 50.00 might be a box of blank paper. Make it white, colored, cardstock. Whatever! Blank paper allows for creativity and written responses to anything heard or read! Blank paper can go a long way with having your child's teacher focus on the lessons and not so much limiting activities because of lack of paper.
I would personally prefer a whole box but this will do too.

Trust me teachers are limited to 1 ream per 9 weeks. Do you really want your child's teacher to worry about that 1 ream of paper to allow your child to practice?

You want an organized classroom, get labels for your child's teachers.

Do you want a clean classroom...

THE Pencil Sharpener to get

Laminating Pouches

I urge you to donate to those wish list items your child's teachers have and maybe spend as much as how much a month's worth of private tuition would cost. One month of it can benefit over 20 students. As a teacher, I would just want the materials ready for me to use with my students and not have to worry about not having them, waiting a month to get them, or budgeting for them. Here are more ideas to donate to your child's teachers.

Saturday, July 07, 2018

Painful Feet

3 years ago, I would develop very painful feet after work. I had to wear Dansko shoes

They reduced the pain tremendously!!!!
I love their products and enjoy wearing the ankle boots. I need to get a new pair because I have worn mine out!

During that year, I also had a hysterectomy. Whatever the connection, it was only after this procedure did my feet stop hurting! The bad thing about me is that I love wearing flat shoes to work. I don't feel the severe pain I did prior to the hysterectomy, but I do get tired feet.

I just got this product and love the hot therapy for tired feet.

They also have great compression socks for travel. At over 40, I am definitely feeling the effects of being in the same position for long hours during travels. My parents are also doing a lot of travelling, and I might be giving these to them.

Friday, July 06, 2018

Autism and Legos

My son and his interest with Legos began when he was in first grade. He took a break from it around third grade and fourth grade. This summer (going into 5th) he is back to building them. It really does serve as a period of full concentration and his quiet time. He can still spend ours building the sets. Here are some current photos and links.

LEGOs assault on hoth

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The types of books he loves are also very related to learning facts.

Buy them here....