Wednesday, June 21, 2017

How I Got Over My Fear of Dogs

It really took turning 40 for me to be motivated about getting over my fear of dogs. Now that I have two dogs, I can say that fear of getting hurt was a big part. When I first got my maltipoo, strange but it helped me, I felt the need to cover so I wouldn't get bitten. So I wore rain boots. It just helped me feel like I was protected. As I got to know Sophy I knew she didn't bite but was just excited to see me when I walked in. She quickly learned that I wanted her to sit before I could pet her. So now the moment she wants me to pet her she will sit. We got our second dog, about three months after Sophy. We named her Emma. She is a sweet senior dog!!! Both dogs were from the shelter, and I could tell that Emma was probably spoiled at one point and stayed near her owners on the bed or wherever. I knew she wanted to be cuddled. I wasn't comfortable with just cuddling her with bare hands. So I take a towel or a blanket to wrap her in.

What visitors can do

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We kind of chill all day #dogs #pets

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Monday, June 19, 2017

Harris County Shelter Animals That Need to Be Adopted Fostered or Rescued!!!!

Autism Journey: 9 year old

My 9 year old tends to express his worries about the future. When he was younger, he wouldn't worry but expressed not wanting to do something. Now the worries can be about about finding a wife, if he will even marry, the job for him, etc. I have to slow him down and remind him he is 9 years old. Often, I have to tell him to think of three things he wants to do for the day. Otherwise, his mind races to the future. I've read that this does start happening at this age. But for us, the intensity of the experience is often multiplied. When worry gets the best of him a nice bit of time at the park often helps!

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Houston Animal Shelters

Many people surrender their dogs to the Harris County Animal Shelter. Many don't know that the dogs who don't get adopted are put to sleep. Sophy and Emma were both adopted from that shelter. We were lucky to find them online the moment the shelter posted their photos. Since I am a new dog owner, I have learned so many things about animal shelters. First, there are two types of shelters. One is like the Harris County Animal Shelter that puts animals to sleep when there is no one to adopt them. For my younger readers, that means that the animals die, hopefully, in a painless way. There are also NO KILL shelters in the city. Just google them! Between these two types of shelters are everyday people and rescues that try to foster and save the animals to buy time for someone to adopt them, if they are not adopted at the shelters right away. If you ever want to help, look at the videos of shelter animals. If they do not have over 1K views, do your part to share them! It takes about that many views till a foster, rescue, or adopter will step up.

Here is a link to the volunteer run Facebook page of the shelter . Check out their videos of urgent animals and share!