Sunday, July 09, 2017

Downtown Austin Swimming

The boys enjoyed some downtown Austin swimming! It was definitely a change of scenery where most people swimming were adults vs kids. I had to remind the boys there were no other children and they couldn't splash. Even with these constraints, they enjoyed themselves!

Urban swimming #Austin

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#urban life

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We ended our Austin daytrip with some drinks at Kung Fu Tea

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Thursday, July 06, 2017

Double Leash For A Toy Poodle And A Maltipoo

My son has started to research using a double leash. This was his own initiated product research and I never even thought of it. But looking to see what's good out there!

From many sites one con to a double leash in general is that it doesn't provide enough space between the two dogs. We will have to think about that one as one is a strong Maltipoo and our other is a gentle Toy Poodle. Just from looking at a couple of double leashes, I do have to make sure that they fit the types of dogs we have. I like that the pic above states specifically that it is for smaller dogs. Would love your thoughts on double leashing!