Sunday, March 20, 2016

Ibotta and MobiSave

Just used these two apps a lot this weekend! Really easy and I can't believe I have not used them sooner!!!! I got discounts for bread (non brand specific), bananas, Sister Schubert rolls, Cheerios, and much more!!! Here is a link to download Ibotta

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Weekly Deals and Coupons At Randall's

During the break I started getting into online garage sales to declutter and then I discovered all these extreme coupon-ing groups on Facebook. I came up with the best deals from Randalls. I am using 1.00 off coupons for Sparkle, Angel Soft 24 count, and Tide.

Angel Soft(24 count) +Sparkle paper towel (6 count) @ 3.88 each with 1.00 off coupon each for them 2.88 each

They also have Tide for 4.29 (50 oz) and will use the 1.00 off coupon .......................................
3.29 (a good stock up opp)

Then Ozarka 12 pack ....buying 5 packs for .................................................................
1.49 each

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Games, Toys, and Autism

My son with autism has loved the following games: basketball, bowling, Angry Birds and their sling shot games as well as Jenga blocks associated with them, Lego Minecraft and Lego Star Wars. He also had a fascination with balloons, and Minion characters.

When he was about 2 years old he loved Curious George everything! He had a stuffed Curious George and it was what he brought during those tough times of preschool

I will post a more extensive list later...

Bargains On The Web

Major bargains on 6 PM !!!

My younger son is only 1 size away from his brother. They are 2.5 years apart and he has grown like a weed this past year. Here are some shoes that are under 20.00. For this site, I don't buy anything unless it is atleast 50 percent off.

Superga for under 14.00

Under 15.00

Thank Goodness For Grandmas! Angry Birds Happy Holidays and The Mine Lego Minecraft | Lolas and Apos

My 7 year old has been dying for the Angry Birds Happy Holidays know the one that he was hoping for under the tree Christmas time..LOL. Daniel and his Lola love browsing through Amazon. Grandma loves shopping and well Daniel does, too. He loves it even more when he receives that PARCEL. He watches too many European based cartoons thanks to YouTube. Here he is with his package from yesterday.


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Now-I do not know how much he and his grandma spent on this but he assured me it was SIXTY. Way too much for me. So thank you for grandmas!!! They bought it on Amazon and as I was looking at it..I didn't find anything for SIXTY for this product.

Now hubby and I are more than grateful that our sons have TWO grandmas who are still living. Hubby's mom loves shopping too! When the kids visit, they head off to Toys R Us. Over the holidays, 7 year old also got one of his other loves : THE MINE LEGO MINECRAFT He spent the days after Christmas building this

#Lego #minecraft 7 year old has been busy

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Here it is on Amazon

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Boomers Houston Review Go-Carts Bumper Boats and Mini Golf

We purchased the 4 hour pass at just a little over $30 (regular price $40+). This gave you unlimited access to go-carts, rock wall, mini golf and bumper boats. We took the boys over spring break and arrived at 5:30 p.m.. It was fun to be able to get in line 3 times for the go-carts in one hour. We rode it two more times after that. The 5 year old really enjoyed the bumper boats, and the 7 year old loved the go-carts (of course). It was the first time my boys played mini golf. They did enjoy it and the amount of people when we arrived was perfect for the pace during our turn at golf. One of the staff members told me that it did get CROWDED during the day.

We didn't want to but the 7 year old begged to play the arcade games, so we used it as a bargaining tool for him to finish the golf. That worked wonders. He completed it. We used our bargaining power with him as he was about to melt down over two people whom he thought cut in front of us in golf. So, if you are a parent with an atypical child use the arcade games as the end prize. I bought the boys $50 worth of playing card for the arcade games. They played just under one hour and it fulfilled their hearts' out for the video games. They were happy to get their plastic toys for prizes.

Just a caution for the mini golf: There is a section with several steps. I wondered why some older people decided to sit it out. The climb up (along with the slopes and bending down) did work out my legs (almost 40 year old mom).

From Sugar Land we took Grand Parkway (toll) and it took us just under one hour during rush hour. On the way back we took the Sam Houston Tollway and it took us 40 minutes (evening). Our total toll was under $11 on the Grand Parkway.

I did notice that there were lots of dads with the kids and no moms. Willowbrook Mall is right next to it. I also noticed lots of grandparents with their grandkids. So it is small enough for grandma and grandpa to take the older grandchildren to. Children taller than 44 inches can ride the go-carts but they must have an adult driver. Overall, the boys had a great time and we would definitely return.

One hour to ride it 3 x can't beat that !!! #Houston

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Forget playing #mariokart this is the real deal #gocarts

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All about #boomers on the blog see link in profile. #asd tip in case meltdown happens

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